Cory Booker Says He’d Call the New York Giants the New Jersey Giants, if Elected President

Cory Booker
Getty Images/Drew Angerer

If oddsmakers had to list two of the most unlikely things to happen in 2020, there’s a very good chance they would come up with Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) winning the presidency, and the New York Giants winning the Super Bowl.

Nonetheless, the Senator from the Garden State knows exactly what he would do should these unlikely scenarios become reality: He would call the New York Giants the New Jersey Giants.

On the first episode of Brad Jenkins’ Fired Up podcast, Booker announces that he would not only invite the Giants to the White House, if he were president, he would also call them the New Jersey Giants.

According to Pro Football Talk:

‘Can I tell you a dream?” Booker says. ‘And I’m running for President for every reason, but this. But should I become President of the United States, and the stars in the universe line up, and my team is the Super Bowl champions that year. . . .  I’m telling you, when they’re in the White House, I will turn to the world and say — it won’t be a slip of the tongue — I will say, ‘I am proud to be here with the New Jersey Giants.’ At that point, I figure I will have swagger, Secret Service, and the nuclear codes. Are they really going to step to me and correct me?’

Booker’s allusion to controlling the nuclear codes is troubling, Eric Swalwell’s reference to using nuclear weapons to get his way did not work out well for him. The only question is which outcome is more unlikely: Booker winning the presidency? Or the Giants winning the Super Bowl?

It’s very hard to tell. Maybe they should both give up.

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