Dolphins Coach Plays 8 Jay-Z Songs at Practice After Kenny Stills Criticizes Social Justice Deal

Kenny Stills
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The Miami Dolphins have a new head coach this year, and he is apparently not shy about using music to send a message to his players.

On Tuesday, one day after Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills ripped Jay-Z for not reaching out to him, or original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick, prior to signing an entertaiment/social justice deal with the NFL, Dolphins coach Brian Flores played eight consecutive Jay-Z songs at practice.

The playlist for the practice, which is chosen by Flores, included the following Jay-Z songs:

Some put the number at six:

In any event, a highly unusual number of Jay-Z songs were played at the start of practice. Which would seem like way too much of a coincidence after Stills, one of the few remaining anthem protesters, made these comments about Jay-Z:

Why would Flores feel the need to throw shade at Stills? Flores was no fan of how Stills chose to handle a disagreement with Dolphins Owner and Trump supporter Stephen Ross earlier this month. Stills took a shot at Ross on Twitter, for what he seemed to believe was a contradiction in leading a non profit aimed at promoting equality, while also hosting a fundraiser for President Trump:

Flores was critical of Stills for taking a shot at Ross publicly, instead of approaching him privately.

However, according to a team spokesperson, the song selection was not intended to send a message to Stills.

So, at least six consecutive Jay-Z songs one day after Stills criticized Jay-Z, was apparently an accident.

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