WATCH: Redskins Fan Takes Ball Away from Young Jets Fan

Getty Images/Will Newton

It’s been a rough year for Redskins fans. A rough year made all the worse by a thorough drubbing on Sunday from the lowly Jets.

To make matters even worse than that, the Redskins home stadium frequently has more opposing fans in it than Redskins fans. Such was the case on Sunday, when Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson scored one of their many touchdowns against the Redskins hapless defense. As Anderson leapt into the friendly crowd, the ball fell within reach of a young Jets fan.

Well, it was in his reach until an older Redskins fan came in and took it from him.


If an NFL official were to review the tape, he would probably say that the youthful Jets fan never established possession of the ball. However, since NFL officials are terrible and refuse to correctly call obvious cases of pass interference, who really cares what they think?

In a sane world, the Skins fan would have let the kid have the ball. But the world is not sane or just, when you’re a Redskins fan. Instead, it’s more of a bottomless pit of misery that never seems to end.

Therefore, since the normal rules of decency clearly don’t apply in “Redskins World,” the ruling is that the Skins fan was simply playing by the rules of his environment and trying to get a win the only way he can on a Sunday.
Don’t blame the Redskins fan, blame the Redskins, I do.

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