104-Year-Old Woman Kills Deer on First Hunting Trip

Getty Images/Jack Taylor

A 104-year-old woman in Wisconsin has accomplished what many far younger hunters fail to do on their first hunting trip: Kill a deer.

Florence Teeters, a mother of five, decided that the best way to spend more quality time with the family was to acquire a license to hunt deer. However, she didn’t just get the quality time with the family, she also made the most of the time by killing a deer on the first day of Wisconsin’s deer season.

104-shot-deer104-shot-deer104-shot-deerFlorence Teeters and her deer.

(Bill Ball/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)

“This speaks to the adage that you should never underestimate the power of our senior citizens,” Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston D. Cole said. “After raising a family of hunters, this young lady chose this opportunity to partake in Wisconsin’s long-established tradition of deer hunting.”

Florence’s son, Bill Teeters, set-up his mom’s hunting blind with comfort in mind.

“I had a nice chair for her and it was nice and warm,” Bill Teeters explained to their local Wisconsin NBC affiliate.

“A little after 4 p.m., a buck shows up about 30 yards away,” Bill says. “I tapped her on the knee and I pointed. She nodded and smiled and was real quiet. Then she took the shot!

“She was so excited and saying, ‘I got a buck! I got a buck!’”

Teeters kill isn’t just impressive, it’s historic.

“According to the Wisconsin DNR Go Wild database, which tracks issued licenses, Teeters is likely the oldest person to date to purchase a gun deer license and harvest a deer,” the New York Post reports.

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