Kansas City Chiefs Gear Mistakenly Sent to New Jersey

Kansas City Chiefs
Getty Images/Rob Carr

Just ahead of Sunday’s game, in Massachusetts, the Kansas City Chiefs finally got a shipping container full of field gear that was accidentally sent to New Jersey, a report says.

According to ESPN, the large container of shoulder pads, helmets, footballs, and other gear was accidentally left on a plane that later flew off the Newark, New Jersey, without unloading the needed equipment.

The container also reportedly had the game bags of the Chief’s 35 players.

Once discovered missing and tracked to Newark, the team had to rush the container back to Boston for Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots in Boston.

By some reports, the Chiefs might even have had to forfeit the game if the equipment hadn’t arrived in time for the game.

The ultimate culprit seems to lie with the Chiefs themselves as the team’s staff did not unload the container in the first place.

It was an error that seems quite rare according to NFL insiders.

The Boston Globe reported that the needed equipment arrived only 40 minutes before kickoff, a bit late to help in warmups.

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