WATCH: Drew Pearson Reacts Angrily over Exclusion from Hall of Fame

Drew Pearson
Getty Images/Tom Pennington

Wednesday morning was a day of happiness and fulfillment, for all the NFL greats who were named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Centennial Class.

But Wednesday morning left an entirely different taste in the mouth of former Cowboy great Drew Pearson.

The Cowboys legend became irate and angry when he realized that he would not be selected to the Centennial Class.


“They broke my heart. They broke my heart,” Pearson said in disgust while surrounded by family and friends. “And they did it like this. They strung it out like this.”

“Pearson was a first-team All-Decade receiver for the 1970s, and the only first-team member of that list who has not been voted into the Hall already,” Pro Football Talk reports. “Second-team 1970s All-Decade wideout Harold Carmichael was one of the 10 players named during Wednesday morning’s show.”

It is odd that Carmichael, who was second-team All-Decade, would get voted in ahead of Pearson who was first-team. Pearson’s reaction represents the seldom seen but very real,  negative side of what happens when someone doesn’t get named to the Hall.

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