WATCH: Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill Performs ‘Dog Pee’ Move During AFC Title Game Intros

Tyreek Hill
Getty Images/James Gilbert

If Joe Buck was in the booth he would likely have called it as a “disgusting act,” and he’d be exactly right.

For reasons known only to him, Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill dropped down on all fours and did the dog pee move during introductions at the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.


The dog pee celebration most recently reared it’s ugly head during the Egg Bowl in 2019. Ole Miss wide receiver Elijah Moore caught a touchdown and pulled his team with one. However, Moore followed up his TD catch with the dog pee move, which drew a personal foul and added 15 yards to the extra point, which the Rebels missed, and eventually lost the football game.

It’s unclear if Hill intended for the dog pee move as a sign of mere disrespect towards his opponents, or as a marking of his territory. Either way, no one was made better for having witnessed it.

Hill did his “celebration” during introductions, so no penalty was called. Though, he can expect a fine from the league at some point in the near future.

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