WATCH: O.J. Simpson Pleads for Golf Courses to Remain Open: ‘I’m a Go Crazy’

O.J. Simpson
Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

O.J. Simpson made an impassioned plea on social media for golf courses to remain opened during the coronavirus scare.

Otherwise, the Hall of Famer and convicted felon says, he’ll “go crazy.”


“You don’t really get that close to one another on a golf course,” Simpson said. “And, I think for some of the older guys that golf as their only exercise, I think it’s gonna hurt them if you start closing all the golf courses.

“I’m just saying, and if you do close them, you better open up some insane asylum, get me a bed because I know if I can’t play golf for the next month, I’m a go crazy.”Simpson did not elaborate on exactly what form his craziness would take, should golf courses not be kept open.

Hopefully, no one ever finds out.

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