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O.J. Simpson Hangs with Bills Fans for the Playoffs

“The Juice,” could have worn his own Bills jersey to hang out with Buffalo fans as they reveled in their squad’s first playoff appearance since 1999. Instead, O.J. wore LeSean McCoy’s #25 jersey.


O.J. Gets Parole, but What Happens Then?

After serving nine years in jail for armed robbery, on Thursday O.J. Simpson was awarded a promise of parole by a Nevada parole board. But the decision doesn’t simply end O.J.’s obligations to the Nevada criminal justice system. Simpson still faces years of requirements, any violation of which could send him right back to prison.

Former NFL football star O.J. Simpson enters for his parole hearing at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nev., on Thursday, July 20, 2017. Simpson was convicted in 2008 of enlisting some men he barely knew, including two who had guns, to retrieve from two sports collectibles sellers some items …

Celebrities React to Simpson Parole: ‘O.J. for Attorney General!’

Hollywood personalities reacted on social media Thursday as O.J. Simpson was granted parole after serving nine years behind bars in Nevada for armed robbery, with many jokingly calling on President Donald Trump to make the former football star and actor Attorney General of the United States.


ESPN Will Air OJ Simpson’s Thursday Parole Hearing

It’s no secret that July is the dead-zone in the world of sports. The NFL hasn’t started yet, the NBA just ended, and MLB isn’t really serious yet. However, I wasn’t aware things had become this bad. ESPN, among other networks, has decided to air O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing from the Lovelock Correctional Facility on Thursday. Not only that, ESPN will lead-in to the parole hearing with a 90-minutespecial presentation of Outside the Lines, hosted by Jeremy Schaap.

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Stephen A. Smith: ‘I Would Have Won’ the OJ Simpson Trial

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith reacted Monday on “First Take” to ESPN documentary “O.J.: Made In America.” Smith claims that although he is not a lawyer, he could have won the O.J. Simpson trial and sent the former football star to

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith reacted Monday on "First Take" to …

Martin Sheen to Produce TV Series Claiming ‘O.J. Is Innocent’

Veteran actor Martin Sheen will produce and narrate a new documentary television series exploring new evidence in the infamous O.J. Simpson case that producers say could be enough to prove that the former football star was completely innocent of any

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O.J. Dream Team Calls Latest Knife Investigation ‘Ridiculous’

Defense attorneys for retired football star O.J. Simpson’s 1995 murder trial “dream team” are calling the discovery of new evidence “ridiculous” and “far-fetched” in the investigation into murders of Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend.

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Knife Found on O.J. Simpson’s Former Estate Turned in

Twenty-two years after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman precipitated the most famous trial of the century, the LAPD is testing a knife that was found years ago but was kept by an LAPD cop in his home until this January.

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O.J. Prosecutor Marcia Clark: He Would Have Been Convicted if He Were White

Marcia Clark, one of the lead prosecutors in O.J. Simpson’s infamous 1995 double murder trial, says it’s “incredibly painful” to watch a new dramatized television series about the case — and that if Simpson were white or not a celebrity, he would have been convicted.

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