WATCH: O.J. Simpson Crushed After Nevada Shuts Down Golf Courses

O.J. Simpson
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

One of golf’s most famous (or notorious, depending on how you look at it) fans and advocates, O.J. Simpson, expressed great frustration recently after the State of Nevada declared its golf courses “nonessential.”

Simpson sees the move as especially hurtful to older golfers, such as himself.

“I play with a lot of different guys, one of the groups is an older group where three of the guys are over 80 and two of them had strokes,” Simpson explained.

“They don’t have dogs to walk and couldn’t if they wanted to. Their only exercise is golf. So, unfortunately they wont be able to play golf so I just hope they find other ways to get outdoors and get some exercise.”


Governor Steve Sisolak expressed frustration of his own, after he received pictures showing golfers not observing proper social distancing while out on the links.

“I’ve had a multitude of pictures sent into me that showed me people were not practicing good social distancing, not arriving one in a cart,” Sisolak said.

“They were congregating on the greens. We tried it. It didn’t work because some folks chose not to follow the rules. As a result we are closing golf courses.”

Simpson sees it differently.

“Ya know, I thought the golfers were doing a pretty good job on the social distancing.”

In mid-March, Simpson said he would “go crazy” if golf courses were shut down. So, you know, watch your back Nevada.

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