Lamar Jackson’s Pleasant Twitter Exchange with Trump Causes Confusion, Backlash

Lamar Jackson
Mark Brown/Getty Images

On Saturday, President Trump tweeted a nice comment about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, but the anti-Trumpers went on the warpath against the player because they misunderstood Jackson’s reply to Trump’s tweet.

The misunderstanding began when The Checkdown retweeted a video of Jaire Alexander’s reaction when Jackson was drafted by the Ravens in 2018. Then, President Trump jumped to Twitter to make a nice comment about the video.

“Really nice to see this and, what a great pick! ” Trump tweeted.

Lamar Jackson then replied to the president’s comment with a tweet saying “Truzz Trump.”

Immediately people went on the attack because they had no idea what Jackson was really saying with that mysterious “Truzz” word.

Even Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio misunderstood Jackson’s tweet and warned the player that he will face a “backlash” for being nice to the president.

It seems clear that these wild-eyed anti-Trumpers assumed that Jackson was saying “trust Trump.”

But that isn’t what “truzz” means. The word is means “true,” or “big love,” or “absolutely right.” It doesn’t mean “trust.”

So, Jackson was just saying that what the president wrote was true. “True Trump,” was Jackson’s message.

The player’s use of “truzz” is nothing new. Baltimore fans know that the team has been using the word since last year.

In fact, the word became an unofficial slogan for the Ravens in 2019. Ravens running back Mark Ingram was asked about the word and he explained that it essentially meant “big love.”

Jackson even filed for a trademark for the word “truzz.”

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