Enes Kanter Says His Father Has Been Released from Turkish Prison

Enes Kanter
Getty Images/Katelyn Mulcahy

Celtics center Enes Kanter told fans on Friday that his father is no longer a political prisoner in Turkey and that he was released from prison.

“Wow! I could cry,” Kanter tweeted on Friday. “Today I found out that 7 years after arresting my dad, taking him through a Kangaroo court and accusing him of being a criminal just because he is my dad.”

“MY DAD HAS BEEN RELEASED! This is due to the pressure we have put on the Turkish regime,” the NBA player added.

Kanter’s father was a genetics professor when he was arrested for supposedly showing open support of a coup leader who tried to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Kanter has engaged in heavy criticism of the regime since he was able to make it to the U.S. to join the NBA.

Erdogan issued a standing warrant for Kanter’s arrest that may be valid in other countries besides Turkey. The murky international complications have prevented the player from joining his NBA team in games outside the U.S. He has even skipped games in Canada for fear that Erdogan will be able to convince Canadian authorities to arrest him and deport him to Turkey should he enter Canadian territory.

Kanter went on to reveal more details about his father’s case:

The native of Turkey also vowed to keep fighting to free others who have become political prisoners in his native country. “Let’s keep fighting against Dictators!” he wrote.

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