Jemele Hill Says Capitol Police Would Have Reacted Faster if Protesters Were Black

Jemele Hill
Donald Traill/Invision/AP

As protesters stormed barricades on Wednesday and eventually gained entry into the U.S. Capitol itself, former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill took to Twitter and asserted that the Capitol Police would have reacted more quickly if the protesters had been black.

Stunning images of protesters inside the Capitol and even inside the offices of prominent politicians splashed across social media on Wednesday afternoon. Many began to speculate as to how the protesters could have gotten inside the building and why more wasn’t done to stop them.

That’s when Hill offered her take:

Hill then insinuated that the police protecting the Capitol are racists:

Of course, dozens of videos have been posted showing officers of all races resisting and even fighting with protesters outside and inside the Capitol. Including an incident where a female protester was shot in the neck by law enforcement.

Calling the police racists has been a constant refrain for Hill. In July of 2017, she agreed with anthem protester Colin Kaepernick’s characterization of police as “slave patrols.”


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