Lawyer: Jimmy Hoffa Buried at Georgia Golf Course Popular with Mob Bosses

Jimmy Hoffa
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The FBI has looked into claims that 1960s era labor leader Jimmy Hoffa was murdered and then buried under a hole at a Georgia golf course popular among members of the mob.

Reginald Haupt, Jr., a former criminal defense lawyer known as “Bubba,” claims that his research leads him to believe that Hoffa is buried at the Savannah Inn and Golf Country Club on Wilmington Island in Georgia, Fox News reported.

The fact that the resort is “out of the way,” Haupt said, made the resort the perfect place to hide the crime.

“It made this the perfect place,” Haupt told Fox. “Bring him here where they can keep an eye on him. They can’t go to New Jersey on Mafia property and keep an eye on anybody. They did not want to let Hoffa go, and they did not want anybody to find him.”

Haupt claims that shortly after Hoffa disappeared in Detroit on July 30, 1975, a plane landed and deposited what Haupt called “the package” at a dirt landing strip on the island. This package was apparently Hoffa, the lawyer said.

“They would probably locate him where no one would ever suspect,” Haupt said. “And you don’t go around digging up a golf course.”

Not only did Haupt uncover this “package” information, but he also found out that members of the mob also engage in certain behavior that tips him off to Hoffa’s presence under the sod of the course.

“At one particular spot on that golf course, they would urinate,” Haupt insisted. “They would laugh about it, and when you see somebody do that, it sort of rings a bell. That is not ordinary golf etiquette.”

Haupt added that he had a conversation with an associate of Lou “The Tailor” Rosanova, a member of the Chicago mob, who slyly confirmed that Hoffa is buried at the course.

“That’s when he told me; he said, ‘I never had this conversation with you, but you are looking where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.’ I never said another word. I did not ask anybody. The subject was dropped, and I never approached it.”

Haupt also added that the FBI had interviewed him about his Hoffa claims.

The FBI told Fox that “as with any missing person investigation, the FBI is committed to locating Mr. Hoffa. Throughout the nearly 46 years since Mr. Hoffa’s disappearance, people have come forward with tips and information. When we are able to develop credible leads from those tips, we pursue them and will continue to do so until the case is solved.”

But as far as Haupt is concerned, he wants the truth to come out.

“I want the man to be found. Particularly for the Hoffa family, if I can play a part in where he is at, then it is my obligation to do that. They deserve to have their father buried properly,” the attorney said.

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