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Rome Eyes Buildings Confiscated from Mafia to House Migrants

ROME (AP) — Rome authorities are looking into whether buildings confiscated from the mafia can be used to house migrants, a move that comes after police were criticized for the violent clashes that erupted as they tried to evacuate a

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Fearing More Mafia Murders, Police Nab Four in Southeast Italy

ROME (AP) — Police in southeastern Italy have arrested four suspects and seized weapons to head off more gangland-style murders in a region popular with vacation-goers where four people were killed, authorities said Saturday. Carabinieri Col. Marco Aquilio told Sky

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Report: Four Gunned Down in Apparent Mafia Hit in Italy

MILAN (AP) — Italian news agency ANSA says gunmen have killed 4 people in apparent Mafia hit in the southern region of Puglia. Police said the first two victims were killed Wednesday when another car carrying four or five people drove up alongside it and opened fire.


New Wave of 4,400 African Migrants Hits Italy in Just Two Days

Amidst scandals of Mafia involvement in migrant rescue efforts in Italy, some 4,400 mostly sub-Saharan African migrants arrived on Italy’s shores between Thursday and Friday. As usual, the migrants were picked up just miles from the Libyan shoreline and shuttled


Italian Police: Mafia Working With Aid Group to Steal Millions from Migrant Funds

ROME (AP) — Italian police on Monday arrested 68 people, including a priest and the head of a Catholic volunteer group called “Mercy,” accusing them of being in cahoots with a major mafia clan that skimmed millions in public funds destined for one of Italy’s biggest migrant welcome centers.


Bishop Irate Over Mafia Kingpin’s Role as ‘Godfather’ in Baptism

In a bizarre scene that could have been lifted from a Francis Ford Coppola film, the son of Sicilian Mafia boss Totò Riina returned to his native town of Corleone to stand as godfather in his niece’s baptism, an act now denounced by the local bishop.

Kashmir Muslim protesters hold a flag of Islamic State as they shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Friday, April 8, 2016. Police fired teargas and pellet guns to disperse Kashmiris who gathered after Friday afternoon prayers to protest against Indian control over a part of …

Italian Mafia Takes Cues from Islamic State

Sporting beards and obsessed with death, a new generation of Italian Mafiosi is modelling itself on Islamic State jihadists in order to strike terror into the local population, according to Italian anti-Mafia officials.

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Art-Loving Mafia Mobster’s Collection In Italy Show

(AFP) – The prized art collection of a mafia boss, confiscated by Italian police, has gone on show in Calabria in an exhibition billed as a “victory of the state” over organised crime. Two paintings by Spanish great Salvador Dali


Mafia Taking Over As Italy Flooded with Migrants

As more migrants come to Italy the Italian Mafia is running migrant services because the government doesn’t have the capacity. A combination of factors has led to a rise influence for the Italian Mafia. Every day ships set sail from


One Neapolitan To Go: Pizza Delivery Cops Nab Mafia Boss

ROME (AFP) – A mafia chief in southern Italy has been arrested by detectives disguised as pizza boys who delivered food to his home as he was watching a football match, police said Sunday. Roberto Manganiello, 35, a boss in Naples’


Georgia Asylum Seeker Gangs On Theft Spree

Thefts are on the rise as gangs from Georgia send members to Germany as asylum seekers to commit crimes in increasing numbers. The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) says that the increase in thefts of jewels and art in Germany

KOBE, JAPAN - JUNE 03: (CHINA OUT, SOUTH KOREA OUT) Riot police stand guard while police officers enter the Japan's biggest Yakuza syndicate 'Yamaguchi Gumi' headquarters for a raid on June 3, 2015 in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. Police have arrested a member of the gang group on suspicion of fraud, …

Japanese Police Prepare for ‘Nationwide Yakuza War’

Japan’s National Police Agency has announced the creation of a special central headquarters to address what is now being described as a “state of war” between rival factions within a yakuza organized crime syndicate. The war arrives as Japan struggles to address a growing population crisis worsened by the ongoing aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Mounted police patrol near the Arch of Constantine on November 25, 2015 in Rome. Italy is to spend an additional one billion euros ($1.06 billion) on security, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced today. In a speech at Rome city hall, he said 500 million euros would be earmarked for …

Military Analyst: Italy Is a Model of Counterterrorism for the World

In the most recent issue of Nikkei Asian Review, Romanian born political scientist and military analyst Edward N. Luttwak lays out a persuasive theory explaining how Italy has been so successful in thwarting Islamic terror attempts. In a word: Italy is not afraid to deport those it considers to be a threat to national security.


In Anti-Mafia Blitz, Police Seize Famous Roman Restaurant

Early Wednesday morning, an anti-mafia squad seized possession of a well-known restaurant in Rome’s historic district, a block from the Pantheon, believed to be owned and operated by the Italian mafia.

Pope Francis speaks during a mass at the Manila Cathedral

Pope Francis: Abortion Activists Follow ‘Code of the Mafia’

In a recent meeting with sick children and their parents, Pope Francis once more thundered against abortion, this time comparing the abortion mentality to the code of the Mafia, who “take out” a person when he gets in their way.