WATCH: Don’t Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Man’s Proposal at Baseball Game Goes Wrong

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In an embarrassing recent viral video, a woman flees the scene of a marriage proposal at a minor league game.

In the video, an unnamed man at a minor league baseball game in Worcester, Massachusetts, appears on top of the dugout, according to radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub.

While on one knee, the man holds a small open box in front of a woman.

Despite the cheers and fans yelling, “Say Yes!” The woman quickly scurries away. Before running down the stairs and leaving the guy up on the dugout alone, it appears she said, “I have to go.”

The Instagram account “What’s The Word?” published the viral video.


Steven Wooster, a fan in attendance, told Sports Hub, “The woman was horrified after the proposal. She ran up the stairs. The gentleman ran after her with two of his buddies. … I saw the whole thing. It was horrifying.”

According to the New York Post, the proposal was also played on the big screen, which prompted speculation from bystanders that it was all staged.

A source told the Post the proposal was planned and that family members were in the crowd. One sign that could show it was a real romantic strike out for the unnamed person.

Vice President of Communications for the Worcester Red Sox Bill Wanless told the Post, “It was definitely not a stunt in any way by the club—and every indication from those involved was that it was sincere.”

Wanless added,  “But we haven’t heard anything from the parties involved.”

Ashley Green, a photographer who apparently filmed footage of the botched proposal, told Insider that she believes the proposal was a stunt. Green tweeted, “Ohhhhhh no. We just had an attempted ballpark proposal with a hard no ending in the girl running away.”

Dylan Azari responded to Green with a video on the proposal saying, “From a source, here’s the video!!” He added, “Sad to watch.”


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