‘Take Back Our Power:’ Netflix Releases Trailer for Kaepernick’s ‘Colin in Black & White’

Colin Kaepernick

The first trailer for Colin Kaepernick’s upcoming Netflix series, Colin in Black & White, has dropped. In the trailer, Kaepernick says the system doesn’t always allow people to speak their “truth.”

“Life puts us on a path, sometimes winding. But always ours,” the national anthem protester says at the outset of the trailer.

“Believe in your path, and by doing that, we can become who we’re destined to be,” he adds, but not before the trailer shows a white school teacher looking disapprovingly at a teenage Kaepernick as he walks in school sporting a cornrow hairstyle. In another scene, a pretty young black woman walks up to a young Colin, but she is quickly shooed off by a white girl and guy putting their arms around a downcast Colin as his narration insists, “In this game, it feels like the only choice we have, is theirs.”


“The six-episode scripted drama, premiering Oct. 29, chronicles Kaepernick’s coming-of-age tackling the obstacles of race, class, and culture as the Black adopted child of a white family in Central California,” Deadline explains. “Kaepernick narrates the tale as high school Colin (Jaden Michael) faces adversity on his way to becoming an All-Pro quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers and later a cultural icon and activist.”


(Robert Reiners/Getty Images)

Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker were cast to portray Kaepernick’s white adoptive parents, Rick and Teresa.

The limited series is produced and directed by Selma director Ava DuVernay, from scripts by Michael Starrbury. The series is also produced by Kaepernick’s production company, RA Vision Media.

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