Jerry Jones Is Not Selling the Cowboys, But if He Was, They Would Cost $10 Billion

Jerry Jones
Getty Images/Matthew Stockman

Don’t even think about trying to buy the Dallas Cowboys unless you have $10 billion lying around. Of course, even then, it wouldn’t happen, but at least you could dream.

After receiving a report that the Cowboys would fetch between $8.5 billion if they were to hit the open market, NBC Sports’ Peter King asked Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones what he thought of that number.

Jones thought the estimation was a lowball number and that he could get more than $10 billion if he tried to sell the team.

UPI Jerrah

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones (Getty Images)

However, those Breitbart readers with a spare $10 billion on their hands shouldn’t get too excited. Jones ain’t selling the team.

“But let me make this very clear,” Jones said. “I’ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever.”

“Six NFL teams have been sold in the past 14 years:  Miami Dolphins ($1.1 billion, 2008), the Los Angeles Rams ($750 million, 2010), Jacksonville Jaguars ($770 million, 2012), Cleveland Browns ($1 billion, 2012), Buffalo Bills ($1.4 billion, 2014), Carolina Panthers ($2.275 billion, 2018),” WFAA reported.

However, as in real estate, where location is everything, timing is king when it comes to selling NFL franchises. The Cowboys could potentially sell for ten times as much as the Browns sold for in 2012 due to the explosion in television revenues for the league in recent years.

The league currently has television deals worth $113 billion over the next ten years, and that’s not even counting the recent addition of the Amazon streaming package that is set to begin this year.

Though, with a current reported net worth of $11.64 billion, Jones doesn’t seem to feel the need to add another $10 billion or so.


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