WATCH: Lousiville’s Hailey Van Lith Confronted by Texas Player in Postgame Handshake Line

Hailey Van Lith

An attempt at good sportsmanship following the Louisville women’s basketball team’s victory over Texas on Monday night almost went very, very wrong.

The Cardinals trounced the Longhorns by 21 points, a victory many expected. What no one expected, however, was a tense confrontation in the post-game handshake line. The bizarre moment went down as Louisville star Hailey Van Lith went to shake hands with Texas’ Sonya Morris. Almost as soon as Van Lith got there, Morris said something to Van Lith that clearly irked the Louisville star.

Van Lith shoved Morris’ hand away and continued to shake hands with other players. After the game, Van Lith attributed the incident to the emotions of the game.

It appeared that Morris said “honorable mention” to Van Lith just before the Louisville player pushed past her.

Why Morris would say that to someone who just blew her team out is unknown. It’s also unknown if that’s what was actually said. Though, it appears to be the best guess. In any event, this incident remains the only reason to talk about women’s basketball.


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