WATCH: Bum! Masked Streaker Moons Crowd During College Baseball Game

Grant Faint_Getty Images (1)
Grant Faint/Getty Images

A shirtless streaker nearly became a “shorts-less” streaker on Tuesday night, as the baseball field invader exposed his cheeks for all to see just before jumping a wall and leaving the field.

The fan, a 19-year-old wearing a mask and holding a sign that read, “Longhorns Suck,” ran onto the field during the Texas-Texas A&M game. Everything seemed normal at first, as far as streaking goes. But as he was preparing to make his exit, the young man decided to take it up a notch and moon the crowd in College Station.

His speed was most impressive. Getting over the wall at the end of that run, even more impressive. However, there was someone waiting for him on the other side of the wall.

Thankfully, the trespasser cooperated with the officer immediately and did not compound the incident by trying to run, which he is obviously capable of doing. Also, good on the officers and security staff for not trying to run with the intruder. Just wait for him to make his escape jump, and move in.

Well played.

The fan was charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.


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