Georgia Bulldogs Decline White House Invite After Winning National Championship

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Shawn Thew/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Georgia Bulldogs will once again not visit the White House after winning the national championship.

A spokesperson for the Georgia Bulldogs athletic department said that the “date suggested” for the visit would simply not be feasible.

“Unfortunately, the date suggested is not feasible given the student-athlete calendar and time of year,” the spokesperson said. “However, we are appreciative of the invitation and look forward to other opportunities for Georgia teams moving forward.”

Georgia coasted to a dominant victory against TCU in January, winning 65-7.

The school did not attend the White House last year.

Initially, President Joe Biden declined to invite the team this year due to coronavirus safety precautions, a move that defensive lineman Warren Brinson criticized on Twitter.

The Biden administration later invited the team after “a request signed by U.S. Rep. Earl LeRoy “Buddy” Carter as well as Sens. Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.”

“The Georgia Bulldogs, led by Head Coach Kirby Smart, completed a historic season in which they accomplished a 15-0 record and won their second National Championship in the same number of years,” the politicians wrote.

“The 2022-2023 team allowed an average of 14.2 points per game while scoring an incredible 41 points per game. This marks the fourth college football national championship in school history and the 2022-23 Bulldogs become the first team in the College Football Playoff Era to win back-to-back national championships,” they continued. “For years, the college football national champion has had the high honor of being hosted, by the President, at the White House. Due to COVID-19 constraints, the 2021-22 University of Georgia national championship team was unable to come to D.C. It is our hope that this repeat championship team can join the many teams prior that have been honored by the President.”

UConn men and LSU’s women’s basketball teams will still visit the White House later this month. First lady Jill Biden actually sparked controversy last month when she said that the losing women’s team, Iowa, should be invited alongside the champion.

“I know we’ll have the champions come to the White House, we always do. So, we hope LSU will come,” she said at the Colorado state capital in Denver. “But, you know, I’m going to tell Joe I think Iowa should come, too, because they played such a good game.”

During an episode of the show Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe said that Jill Biden’s invitation could potentially turn enough black voters from turning away from the president due to Iowa being a mostly white team.

“Did you forget who helped put your husband in the White House? You gonna find out a very serious, hard lesson in ’24,” Sharpe said. “[Joe] will be like a Kentucky or Duke freshman. You’ll be one-and-done.”

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