NFL Prospect Tyler Owens Doesn’t ‘Believe in Space,’ ‘Other Planets,’ Flat Earth Has ‘Valid Points’

John Rivera_Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tyler Owens, defense back for Texas Tech and potential NFL draftee, gave a rather off-color opinion at the combine this week when he confessed to not believing in space and other planets while granting that flat-earther theories make “valid points.”

Speaking with reporters at the NFL combine in Indianapolis, Owens divulged his viewpoints about the cosmos and earth’s place within it.

“Could be real, you know what I’m saying,” Owens said.

Beyond Owens, Illinois tight end Tip Reiman, another prospect, turned more than a few heads when he told reporters that he subscribes to the “birds aren’t real” movement.

“Have you ever seen a baby pigeon?” Reiman said Thursday. “How do we know that power lines aren’t pigeon recharging stations?”

As noted by the New York Post, Reiman may have been playing into the satirical conspiracy of the “birds aren’t real” movement.

The basis of it is that birds are actually government-planted drones spying on us all, but the joke is that no one in the movement actually believes that, and it is all part of a bit.

In a 2021 interview with the New York Times, McIndoe said the movement was meant to be “preposterous” to fight lunacy with lunacy.

It’s more than likely that Reiman was in on the joke, despite some online taking the comments a little more seriously.

Regardless of their views, it will likely have little bearing on their draft prospects, which will take place in April.

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