Stephen A. Smith Blasts Liberals for ‘Lawfare’ Against Trump: ‘Scared You Can’t Beat Him’

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ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith blasted liberals for trying to destroy Donald Trump by launching an avalanche of nuisance lawsuits to ruin him and conducting “lawfare” against the former president, all because they are “scared” that they can’t beat him on the issues.

Smith pummeled liberals for their attacks on Trump during Tuesday’s episode of his The Stephen A. Smith Show, as Trump’s hush money trial went into its second day, Fox News reported.

The court’s day ended on April 16, and the first six jurors were chosen. They were set to continue that work on Wednesday.

But Smith was unimpressed by the whole case.

“It’s much ado about nothing,” Smith exclaimed. “To my liberal friends out there, all you’re doing is showing that you’re scared you can’t beat him on the issues and the merits.”

He went on to point out that Trump has a perfect retort to the whole thing when he tells his supporters that the case is just a political ploy to destroy him before Election Day.

“That’s why he keeps saying they can’t beat me at the election, at the polls. This is the only way they can do it,” Smith added.

The ESPN talker added that unless Trump is put in jail, these cases will make things worse in the country.

“And if you don’t put him in jail,” Smith warned, “and he still goes from being the presumptive GOP nominee to the official GOP nominee, and he goes to the polls, even though he was going to whine about winning and being rigged again, you have given more fodder to that argument, which means we’ll never have peace in this country.

Former President Donald Trump returns to the courtroom on the second day of his trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments linked to...

Former President Donald Trump returns to the courtroom on the second day of his trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments linked to extramarital affairs after a recess at Manhattan criminal court on April 16, 2024, in New York. (MARY ALTAFFER/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

“Because tens of millions of people see what extent the other side is willing to go through just to keep him out of office because they can’t beat him on their own merits,” Smith explained.

“Four indictments, 91 counts, and the man gets more campaign dollars, climbing in the polls, okay?” he insisted. “And last time I checked, he still ain’t been in cuffs, he still ain’t been put behind bars. And he’s the presumptive GOP nominee. You can’t stop him. You cannot stop him.”

“And so for me, I find myself ashamed of the Democratic Party for their lack of a competitive fervor,” he said. “You had since 2016 to come up with somebody else, and you still can’t do it? That is pathetic. It is pathetic,” he said. “And there is no excuse for it whatsoever.”

“You can’t beat [Trump],” he said, “Everything you do shows me you can’t beat him. It’s a damn shame. It really, really is. It’s embarrassing.”

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