They Have Freedom of Choice’: Dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel Defends Harrison Butker’s Rights to Express His Beliefs

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While the rest of the world voiced outrage over Harrison Butker’s defense of Christianity at a commencement speech in Kansas, NFL players and coaches were far more positive.

That trend continued on Wednesday.

During a press conference at the team facility in Miami Gardens, a reporter asked Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel for his thoughts about how he would handle a player wanting to speak out on political issues.

“I’m glad you asked,” McDaniel joked. “I think you have to open the eyes of the players to their platform if they’re new to the situation. I think they have to understand that what you say probably can be fragmented and last with you forever. So, I really emphasize that whatever you’re going to say, you better believe it. You just try to educate people to understand the consequences of whatever they do.”

This, in many ways, is the perfect response. At no point does McDaniel say players shouldn’t speak out. Instead, he asserts that they should have done the homework on what they believe, know what they believe, and know the consequences for saying it. If they check all those boxes? Go right ahead.

In truth, this is what the NFL’s initial response to Butker’s speech should have been. Instead, of having the league’s “diversity officer” issue a terrible statement distancing the league from Christian values while making it clear that the kind of “inclusion” valued by the league did not include traditional Christianity. All they had to say was, “I hope Harrison believes in what he says and is aware of the consequences.”

There. Done. Instead, the league had to once again virtue signal to the liberal thought and speech police that they are clearly terrified of.

In any event, good job, Mike McDaniel.


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