WATCH: Angel Reese Double-Dribbles and Carries Before Scoring, Refs Do Not Call A Foul

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Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

It looks like Caitlin Clark isn’t the only WNBA player with a “special whistle.”

As Angel Reese was receiving praise – justifiably – for becoming the first WNBA rookie to record double-doubles in seven straight games, a video surfaced that showed her receiving some…shall we say… assistance from the refs on one of her many scoring attempts.

During the Sky’s 83-72 victory Thursday night, Reese picked off a pass and made her way to the basket. However, it appears she committed a double-dribble, at least one carry, and possible travel in a play that did not result in a foul.

WNBA refs are reportedly the lowest-paid of any referees in professional sports, and it looks like the league is getting its money’s worth. What you just watched in that video is a natural byproduct of a terrible sports league that couldn’t draw flies and only survived off the corporate welfare of another sport, suddenly having the spotlight shown on them because they inherited a totally undeserved treasure trove of youthful star power and talent.

The league wasn’t ready for the big stage, and it shows. Will they ever be? Time will tell.

Speaking of that other league, is traveling only a problem in the WNBA? Heck. No.

Just watch this clip from their parent organization, the NBA.

And this.

So, Angel Reese is not to be singled out here because she travels. However, when you sit back there after a loss and accuse officials of having a “special whistle” for Caitlin Clark, and then, in less than a week, you commit high crimes and misdemeanors on the hardwood court and don’t get called for it?

Oh yeah, that is getting called out. Check yourself, Angel; it looks like the refs have a “special whistle” for you, too.


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