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Cummins electric big rig (Cummins / Twitter)

Diesel Giant Cummins Beats Tesla with First Electric Big Rig

Dominant diesel engine manufacturer Cummins just beat Tesla by unveiling the AEOS Urban Hauler Tractor as the first all-electric big rig. With Congress set to vote on September 6 to approve the national deployment of autonomous vehicles on September 6,

Uber-in-Bike-Lane-Twitter-12-20-2016 (@uberinabikelane / Twitter)

Uber’s Un-permitted Self-driving Cars a Danger to Bicycles

Uber has acknowledged its self-driving cars are a danger to bicycles — even as the company battles San Francisco and the California Department of Motor Vehicles over operating the vehicles in the city without a permit.

Self-driving cars (Angelo Merendino / AFP / Getty)

Obama Administration Releases Self-Driving Car Guidelines

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) released its Federal Automated Vehicles policy Monday, detailing its 15-point Safety Assessment and guidelines, which were created to help manufacturers meet safety requirements and prepare the public for driverless cars on the roads.

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Google to Congress: Trash Constitution for Self-Driving Cars

Google told the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee that Congress must fast-track self-driving cars by waiving states’ rights with a federal takeover of all roads and highways, the better to keep America ahead of Europe, China, and Japan, which are “hot on our heels.”

Rinspeed/Rex Features/AP

Obama Wants $4 Billion to Subsidize Silicon Valley Driverless Cars

In the Obama Administration’s latest welfare for Silicon Valley billionaires, the President intends to ask Congress for $4 billion in federal subsidies and nationalization of transportation safety regulations in an effort to speed the deployment of driverless cars.

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Regulators Want ‘Suicide’ Function for Tesla

Tesla Motors stock jumped by $5 at the opening on January 11 in response to an update to its hands-free operation, but then ethical concerns that drivers would do crazy things caused a $10 plunge. In October, Tesla October released

mercedes 2

Mercedes Racing to Beat Apple, Google, and Uber in Self-Driving Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz research and development lab in Sunnyvale, California is racing to beat Apple, Google and Uber to dominate commercial and luxury self-driving vehicles. Google, Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Volkswagen and four other developers of autonomous vehicles already have permission from

Apple Project Titan AP

Unions Cringe as Apple Joins Rush for Driverless Vehicle Road Test

The 15 miles that separate Apple and Stanford University now have tech centers for 11 car makers, if you include Apple and Google. Although each company is spending spectacular amounts of money on developing driverless cars, Apple may be about to take the lead by being the first company to gain the state’s DMV permission to test artificial intelligence cars on public roadways.

Apple Car (Toru Hanai / Reuters)

Apple Car Could be Printing Money by 2020

Despite all the mainstream media naysayers “dissing” Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) for designing and building a car, I believe the economics are overwhelmingly favorable for Apple to extend its brand to vehicles.

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (Courtesy Audi)

Consumer Electronics Show Opens with Focus on Cars

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 opened Monday morning in Las Vegas to throngs of the digerati hoping to get a peek at the latest technology trends and styles. Unlike shows in the past that featured connected gadgets and media, this year’s focus seems to be on the automobile as the ultimate connected consumer electronics platform.