Basques March in Support of Catalonia Independence Vote

SAN SEBASTIAN (SPAIN) (AFP) – Hundreds of Basques turned out on the streets Saturday in support of Catalonia and its planned referendum on independence from Madrid, an ambition long fought for by Basque separatists. The demonstration was symbolic, in a

Basque and Catalonian flags

Basque Terror Group ETA Gives Up Arsenal

MADRID (AP) — The Basque separatist group ETA says it has given up its entire arsenal of weapons and explosives to civil society groups – but warns the disarmament process isn’t formally complete.


Ex-Basque Governor Hopes to Lead Spain’s Socialist Party

MADRID — Patxi Lopez, a former governor for the Basque region of Spain, says he will run in the Socialists’ leadership primary and hopes to lead the party to a national resurgence. Lopez made his announcement Sunday in Madrid and

King Felipe VI Of Spain Recieves Patxi Lopez

Spanish Puppeteers Arrested for ‘Praising Terrorism’

On Friday, two puppeteers in Spain were jailed, without bail, for staging a satirical puppet show during the Carnival celebration. The show included both violence deemed inappropriate for children and a message described as “praising terrorism,” which is illegal in Spain.

AP Photo/Francisco Seco

Thousands Rally In Spain For Release Of Basque Separatists

Thousands took to the streets of San Sebastian in northern Spain on Saturday to call for the release of Arnaldo Otegi, the jailed head of the Basque independence Sortu party. Otegi, 57, is a former member of the armed separatist

Basque Separatists