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India: 12 Arrested for Converting to Christianity

Indian authorities in Madhya Pradesh state have arrested and jailed 12 individuals, charging them with having converted to Christianity in violation of laws forbidding religious conversions. The 12, who included a blind couple—Balu Saste and his wife Bhuri—with their 3-year-old child,


India’s PM Is ‘Happy’ Bangladesh’s PM Opposes Terrorism ‘Despite Being a Woman’

Comments about the Bangladeshi Prime Minister made by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi ignited a firestorm on Twitter this Sunday. “I am happy that the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism. I would like to congratulate Sheikh Hasina for her courage to deal with terrorism with zero tolerance,” Modi said at Dhaka University.

Hindu Ceremony, Nepal

World View: Furor in India over Muslim/Christian Conversions to Hinduism

This morning’s key headlines from US suspected in massive North Korea internet outage UN Security Council discusses North Korean human rights crimes Furor in India over Muslim/Christian conversions to Hindu US suspected in massive North Korea internet outage Kim