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Taliban Kill Six in Kabul Truck Bombing Amid Leadership Infighting

In the wake of the death of Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban, the terror group’s leadership structure has been thrown into chaos. However, the group is still pursuing a policy of wanton destruction. Most recently, a truck bombing committed by Taliban militants rocked the province of Kabul, Afghanistan.


Man Dies in Suitcase Trying to Illegally Enter Spain

On Sunday, a Moroccan man suffocated to death while he attempted to smuggle himself into Spain in a suitcase. The man, 27, hid in the suitcase of his older brother, 34. The older man legally got on a ferry bound for Spain from North Africa.


China Unveils World’s Largest Dock Amid South China Sea Dispute

As a part of a continuing effort to expand Chinese naval presence and project power across the South China Sea, the communist government has completed construction of the world’s largest aircraft carrier dock. The dock is 700 feet long and can service two ships at a time.


Exclusive: Tom Cotton: ‘It is Our Duty to Lead on the Global Stage’

WASHINGTON– In a speech to the National Conservative Student Conference, United States Senator Tom Cotton harshly condemned President Obama’s proposed nuclear deal with the Iranian regime. Speaking to Breitbart News following the speech, Senator Cotton emphasized the importance of involving young Americans in foreign policy issues.

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Mom Saves Child Before Falling to Death on Escalator in China

In a graphic video captured Sunday morning, a mother pushed her toddler to safety before falling to her death in the mechanism of a still-running escalator. Two employees tried helping the struggling mother out to no avail.


DEA Employee at U.S. Embassy Killed in Pakistan

Iqbal Baig, a member of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, was shot and killed by unknown assailants in Islamabad, Pakistan. Early Sunday morning, the gunmen broke into the U.S. embassy worker’s home and murdered him.


Obama Compares Kenya’s Anti-Gay Laws to Jim Crow

President Obama and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta clashed at a joint press conference in the African state during his official visit on Sunday: Obama harshly criticized Kenya’s record on issues related to homosexuality.

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Italian Coast Guard Rescues Hundreds of Migrants

In a daring July 21 rescue operation, the Italian Coast Guard rescued 414 migrants lost at sea, including four newborn babies. The rescues occurred between 25 and 35 miles from the Libyan coast, and the migrants were spread across four boats.


‘Jewish Olympics’ Will Be Held in Nazi-Built Stadium

When the Nazis built the iconic stadium for the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, they likely never thought that decades later, it would be the site of the largest Jewish sporting event in Europe. The European Maccabi Games, sometimes called “the Jewish Olympics,” will bring 2,000 Jewish athletes together for sporting events, from fencing to tennis.

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Chinese Police Seize Ashes of Tibetan Monk

Chinese authorities confiscated the ashes of a Tibetan monk who died in a Chinese prison, sparking outrage from pro-Tibet groups and the Tibetan government-in-exile. Tenzin Delek Rinpoche was an influential Buddhist monk dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture and society. He died in a Chinese prison earlier this month at the age of 65.


ISIS Blows Up 31,000-Seat Sports Stadium in Iraq

Shortly after anti-ISIS fighters took back an Olympic-style stadium in southern Iraq, the terror group detonated bombs they rigged to destroy the structure, potentially killing dozens in the explosion.

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Report: Turkey Had Advance Warning on ISIS Suicide Bombing at Border

New details are emerging about Monday’s suicide bombing in southeastern Turkey, including the allegation that the Turkish government had intelligence warning about the attack. The explosion took place in the town of Suruc, which is across the border from the Syrian town of Kobani. Both towns are major centers for the region’s Kurdish minority.

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ISIS Allegedly Kills 30 on Turkey-Syria Border

An explosion on Turkey’s border with Syria, allegedly executed by ISIS, killed at least 31 people on Monday. “We are concerned that the number of death will increase. The perpetrators will soon be found and put on trial,” Turkey’s interior minister said in a statement.

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ISIS Takes Responsibility for Recent Kidnapping of African Christians

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIS/IS) is claiming responsibility for kidnapping three African Christians in eastern Libya. According to reports, the Islamic terror group published the three men’s passport pictures as evidence of the kidnapping. Reports were unclear about why the three men, who come from Egypt, Ghana, and Nigeria, were in Libya.

IRAQ, - : An image grab taken from a propaganda video released on March 17, 2014 by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)'s al-Furqan Media allegedly shows ISIL fighters raising their weapons as they stand on a vehicle mounted with the trademark Jihadists flag at an undisclosed …

Kurdish Militant Faction Threatens Strikes on Turkish Dams

Despite recent gains in national elections, Kurds in Turkey are threatening strikes against the country’s dam construction sites in Kurdish territory in the southeast. A statement from the Union of Kurdistan Communities, known by the acronym KCK, said that the construction project is primarily military in nature and, therefore, violates the ceasefire the group negotiated with the government.

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Samiul Alam Rajan: Video of 13-Year-Old Boy Beaten to Death Rocks Bangladesh

Authorities in Bangladesh are on the hunt for a gang of killers who killed a young boy, as protests break out across the country over the video of the incident the killers posted online. Samiul Alam Rajan, 13, was violently beaten to death by a murderous gang that accused him of stealing a rickshaw.


These are the Three American Prisoners Abandoned by the Iran Nuclear Deal

Last year, the Senate called on President Obama to “use the tools it has in pursuit of what should be a bipartisan goal: securing the release of American citizens being held as hostages by the regime in Iran.” Today, in the announcement of a nuclear deal with Iran that ignores the plight of these three hostages, the Obama administration has left behind a Christian preacher, a journalist, and a U.S. Marine.


Tibetan Monk Issued Life Sentence Dies in Chinese Prison

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, 65, a Tibetan monk and prominent political prisoner, died in Chinese captivity on Sunday. In 2002, he was arrested and imprisoned on a bombing charge his supporters claim was wrongful. The United States, European Union, and international human rights organizations all pushed for his release.

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EU Official Says Migrant Boats Also Carry ISIS Terrorists

Michele Coninsx, the chief of the European Union’s agency that investigates terrorism, told the media that she has been given reports of ISIS-linked terrorists making their way into Europe on boats also carrying migrants.

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‘Hikikomori’: Japan Faces Epidemic of Young Men Never Leaving Their Rooms

Japanese health officials are attempting to deal with a growing problem—a million young adults, mostly men, have locked themselves in their bedrooms and are refusing to come out. This condition, called “hikikomori” by Japanese health professionals, is deeply troubling Japanese leaders.