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Egypt Authorities Arrest Atheist Blogger

CAIRO — Egyptian police have arrested an atheist blogger who was previously detained for promoting his views, a rights lawyer said on Saturday.


Adland Founder Says Wikipedia Editor Revealed Her Home Address

Last week, Breitbart Tech reported on the suspension of a long-term editor at Wikipedia. The site’s arbitration committee accused him of harassment, but failed to produce any evidence of these potentially criminal charges, or give the editor a chance to challenge them.

Texas State Rep. Jason Villalba

Texas Rep. Villalba Files Bill That Criminalizes Bloggers, Citizens Filming Cops

Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Texas) has found himself at the center of controversy after filing a bill that would make it a crime for bloggers and independent journalists — as well as regular citizens — to film police officers. Despite the backlash from free speech advocates, Villalba is insisting that his bill “does not infringe on constitutional rights” or “limit liberty in any way.”