Six Great AR-15 Rifles for Your Christmas Wish List

The AR-15 is America’s rifle in the same way that the Colt M1911 is America’s pistol. And sales of the AR-15 are through the roof, which means those who do not have one want one, and those who have one want two.

SPRINGVILLE, UT - JUNE 17: Courtney Manwaring holds an AR-15 semi-automatic gun at Action Target on June 17, 2016 in Springville, Utah. Semi-automatics are in the news again after the nightclub shooting in Orlando F;lord last week. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

Attorney: Bushmaster ‘Forum-Shopping to Avoid Answering for Their Conduct’

Attorneys who filed suit against Bushmaster firearms for the families of ten Sandy Hook Elementary School victims allege that the rifle maker is “forum shopping” by removing the case to federal court, and that Bushmaster’s ultimate goal is “to avoid answering for their conduct.”


Connecticut Paper: Sue One Gun Company, Sue Them All

On December 17, North Central Connecticut’s Journal Inquirer (JI) reported that by suing Bushmaster firearms, Newtown parents and their attorney have effectively sued every gun company. Written by managing editor Chris Powell, the JI column shows this is so because “the lawsuit’s

AP Photo/Jessica Hill