California Supreme Court

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

California Supreme Court Risks Subprime Crisis II

In a blockbuster ruling by the California Supreme Court that could be a disaster for the $8.7 trillion mortgage bond market, defaulted borrowers can now sue to void a “wrongful foreclosure” if the assignment of their note and deed of trust bore any defects.

Newhall Ranch (Reed Saxon / Associated Press)

CA Court Rejects Science in ‘Climate Change’ Ruling

The California Supreme Court stopped a development project at Newhall Ranch, north of Los Angeles, over concerns that it would contribute to climate change–though the court admitted it could not say how.


California Supreme Court Could Stop Bullet Train

The California Supreme Court threw a giant obstacle on the California bullet train’s track toward fruition this week, ruling that the state agencies cannot escape the state’s environmental laws by claiming federal laws supersede them.