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Stats Reveal 6,000 Cases of Child Marriage in Egypt

TEL AVIV — Newly released official statistics in Egypt indicate that some 6,000 cases of marriage involving children under 15 year of age, most of them girls, have occurred in the last few years.

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Poll: 85% of Israelis Feel Safe Walking Alone at Night

A vast majority of Israelis — around 85% (93% of men and 77% of women) — feel safe walking around their neighborhoods alone at night, according to new data published by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Tuesday.

Meni Tzabari, an Orthodox Jew, tells stories to a group of school children as he leads them through the streets of the old neighborhood of Nahlaot on their way to a synagogue to pray 'Selihot' or special prayers for forgiveness at 3:30 a.m. September 10, 2002 in Jerusalem, Israel. Many …

Israel’s Economy Performing Better Than Expected

Israel’s economy is performing better than previously expected, the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) reported Thursday, updating its annualized growth projection for 2016.

Market displays on a monitor show the latest international currency rates, in green, and fluctuations in the Israeli stock market, as a broker keeps an eye on the news of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's slightly improved health in the trading room of the First International Bank of Israel January …