Chad Mendes

Jose Aldo Remains on Conor McGregor’s Brain

“When you look into a man’s eyes—look him dead in the eye—you can see straight into his soul,” Conor McGregor maintained on the UFC 189 conference call last week. McGregor said that when he looked into Jose Aldo’s eyes, the Brazilian’s soul informed him: “This mother—er doesn’t want to be here.”

Conor McGregor Beats Dennis Siver

Chad Mendes: I’d Like to Beat the Crap Out of Conor McGregor

Jose Aldo picks Chad Mendes to beat Ricardo Lamas on Saturday. Chad Mendes picks Jose Aldo to beat Conor McGregor this July. “But, for whatever reason, if Conor wins, I’d like to get in there and beat the crap out of that guy to take the belt,” Mendes tells Breitbart Sports.

Chad Mendes