Chad Mendes: I’d Like to Beat the Crap Out of Conor McGregor

FAIRFAX, VA—Jose Aldo picks Chad Mendes to beat Ricardo Lamas on Saturday. Chad Mendes picks Jose Aldo to beat Conor McGregor this July.

“But, for whatever reason, if Conor wins, I’d like to get in there and beat the crap out of that guy to take the belt,” Mendes tells Breitbart Sports.

McGregor insulted Mendes’s height in an interview by claiming he could place his unmentionables upon the five-foot-six fighter’s head. On Thursday, Mendes responded with kindness instead of in kind.

“You could say it’s all his mouth but the guy does have skills,” Mendes admits to Breitbart Sports. “His standup is crisp. He’s a southpaw. He’s long. He’s lanky. His style is exciting to watch.”

The Team Alpha Male product has defeated every opponent placed in front of him not named Jose Aldo. And he believes he’ll beat McGregor if given the opportunity.

“I do believe there are some holes in his game that are going to cost him if he gets in there with certain style of fighters,” Mendes says. “With the mouth, and being able to trash-talk like he does and backing up the way he has, that’s what’s bringing the recognition. As much as I want to hate the dude, I’m not stupid. I understand how the sport works. He’s bringing a lot of recognition to us.”

The suddenly-hot featherweight division basks in that recognition on Saturday afternoon, as Mendes-Lamas headlines a rare daylight card for the UFC on Fox Sports 1. Mendes says he’s ready to go five rounds. And he’s ready to go at Conor McGregor, too.

He’s just not ready to get into the dirt with him. When asked if he thinks the loudmouthed Irishman promotes bouts better than he fights them, the Californian’s words said one thing while his expression said another.

“He’s a pretty damn good fight promoter. So, it’s tough to say. But he is a good fighter.”