Clayton Morris

Daily Gut: I Explain the Sexes

So forget health care, the wars, the rampant unemployment. The big story in my life? Jesse James, the biker husband of Sandra Bullock, got busted cheating on the delightful, mega-rich actress. Here is a picture of Sandra Bullock: Here is

Daily Gut: Letterman's Jokebag Has Gotten Smaller

So David Letterman just admitted on his Thursday show that someone had been blackmailing him for $2 million. That someone apparently claimed he had information on the comic doing “creepy things.” Instead of paying up, however, Letterman set him up

Daily Gut: The Willingness to Engage

So the U.S. and Iran just had what’s been called “significant” talks concerning Tehran’s nuclear plans. The goal for us, was two fold: to get Iran to “shift course,” and to prove President Bush was an idiot for not negotiating

Daily Gut: Wanda Sykes

So the White House Correspondents Dinner came and went, and once again your charming host was not invited. No matter – I had other plans – that pint of Ben and Jerry’s wasn’t going to climb into bed and eat