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‘MacGyver’ Star Not Proud of USA When It Comes to Guns

On September 17, the Bisbane Times published a video interview with Richard Dean Anderson—star of the hit 1980’s show MacGyver—in which Anderson talked about how he is not proud of the USA when it comes to the country’s gun culture.

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Marines: All-Male Combat Squads Perform Better than Units with Women

All-male ground combat Marine units “demonstrated higher performance levels” when compared to squads with females, revealed a Marine Corps study that examined the implications of integrating women into all ground combat arms occupations and units.


Congressional Study Shows No Mass Public Shooting ‘Epidemic’

A Congressional Research Services (CRS) study released on July 30 is devoid of evidence to back gun control groups’ claims of an “epidemic” of “mass public shootings.” In fact, counter to claims of “207 mass shootings” in the first 207