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Islamic State Supporters Call for More ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacks Post-Orlando

A group called the “Islamic State Wolfs” — clearly supportive of ISIS but not definitively linked to them — has issued a call for more “lone wolf” attacks like the Orlando massacre, and they produced a handy infographic depicting various methods of committing terrorist murder.


ISIS-Aligned ‘CyberCaliphate’ Hackers Go After Military Spouses of Strength

The CyberCaliphate, an ISIS-affiliated hacker group, is sure to make a great deal of American blood boil with their latest stunt: they hijacked the Twitter account of a support group for called Military Spouses of Strength, which “aims to improve mental health awareness by providing resources and knowledge through tangible programming” in the words of their mission statement.


ISIS Supporters Hack Newsweek Twitter Account, Post Threats to Obama Family

ISIS has been catching hell from hackers, especially after the slaughter of Charlie Hebdo magazine staffers in Paris, but the Islamic State has not been without its own cyber-war victories. On Tuesday, as the Washington Examiner reports, hackers claiming to work for the Islamic State managed to gain control of the Twitter account for Newsweek, using it to post enemy propaganda, documents ostensibly stolen from the U.S. military, threats of further “cyber jihad,” and even a blood-curdling threat against the Obama family.

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Pro-ISIS Hackers Strike US CENTCOM Twitter: ‘We are in Each Military Base’

The pro-Islamic State “Cyber Caliphate” jihadist hacker group took control of the United States’ Central Command Twitter account sometime after noon Eastern Time today, replacing the photos on the page with pro-jihadist artwork and posting the personal information of U.S. Army soldiers.

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