Divided Cyprus Voting for President Amid Migrant Crisis, Turkish Tensions

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) – Cypriots on Sunday began voting for their eighth president in the ethnically divided island’s 63-year history as an independent republic, with three front-runners each portraying themselves as the safest bet to guide the country through turbulent economic times and to seek peace with breakaway Turkish Cypriots.


Cyprus Claims New Surge in Illegal Migrant Arrivals

Several dozen migrants have illegally crossed into the Greek-speaking Republic of Cyprus within a 48-hour period, as the number of illegal arrivals surges both by sea and across the border with Turkish northern Cyprus. Cypriot authorities have claimed as of

Demonstrators carry a banner for refugees as they march against corruption in the Cypriot capital Nicosia on December 18, 2021. (Photo by Iakovos Hatzistavrou / AFP) (Photo by IAKOVOS HATZISTAVROU/AFP via Getty Images)

Cyprus Approves Giving Vaccines to 5 to 11 Year Olds

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) – Cyprus will start vaccinating kids between the ages of 5 to 11, the government said Monday in fresh bid to head off another COVID-19 surge following the first confirmed cases of the omicron variant on the eastern Mediterranean island nation.


Turkish Hackers Accused of Cyber Attack on Cyprus Parliament

Cyprus has said that Turkish hackers attacked its parliament’s website last month. The Cypriot Digital Security Authority investigated the cyber attack, which took place on April 5th, and found that the source came from internet protocol (IP) addresses linked to a Turkish hacker group.

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NATO Chief Has ‘Serious Concerns’ About Turkey

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told the European Parliament on Monday he has “serious concerns” about the Turkish government’s behavior on various issues, “ranging from the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish decision to buy the Russian air defense system S-400 or related to democratic rights in Turkey.”

Jens Stoltenberg