Tom Brady, World Class Beer Chugger? Apparently, Yes

Tom Brady
The Associated Press

It turns out that beating your favorite team, unless you’re a Patriots fan, is not Tom Brady’s only talent. Apparently, Brady’s championship prowess can also be seen at the bar.

According to NFL reporter and former Patriots teammate Ross Tucker, Brady can chug a beer with the best of them.

Tucker appeared on Dan Patrick’s radio show Monday, where the conversation turned to the personal side of Tom Brady.

According to the Sporting News, Patrick asked Tucker, “You were the one that brought it to the nation’s attention that young Brady was a great beer chugger.”

“Best I’ve ever seen, and I was in a fraternity in college,” Tucker replied.

Tucker then proceeded to tell a tale most sports fans know all too well, the story of Brady taking someone who thought they were the best, and putting them to shame. Except this time, Brady did it with beer.

Here is how Tucker recalls Brady’s chugging prowess:

Sounds like there’s another team Brady might be able to play for after his NFL days conclude:

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