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Wages Dropping in Jobs Prone to Work Visas, Says Expert

Despite constant claims from business-friendly politicians and the legacy media of a looming “labor shortage” for low-skilled seasonal jobs, new data by an immigration expert paints a different picture.


Unemployment Rates, Flat Wages Challenge Need for H-2B Visa, Experts Say

As Congress is pushed by the big business lobby and open borders organizations to expand the number of low-skilled, non-farm workers entering the U.S. every year, the national unemployment rate coupled with stagnant wages indicate the harm done by the H-2B visa to American workers, according to experts.


Brookings: Obama Uses Bad Data to Push ‘Preschool for All’

The Brookings Institution found that President Obama is using bad data to justify spending an extra $120 billion on “Preschool for All.” Research by the left-leaning think tank discovered that advocates of the policy, which would extend a new entitlement for all low- and

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