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entertainment industry

Aerosmith to Kick Off European Tour in Tel Aviv

U.S. rockers Aerosmith, together for some 45 years, will embark on a “farewell” European tour next year, the group said on Monday, kicking off the series of shows in Israel.

steven tyler

Turkey Court Acquits Famed Pianist of ‘Blaspheming’ Islam

A Turkish court acquitted world-renowned pianist Fazil Say of blasphemy on Wednesday, four years after he first went on trial on charges of insulting Islam in a case that raised alarm about freedom of expression in Turkey.

A photo taken on February 9, 2010 shows Turkish pianist and composer Fazil Say posing at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris. Fazil Say,charged with attacks on religious values for a series of provocative tweets about Islam, will go on trial from October 17, 2012. Under Turkish law, anyone convicted …

Actresses Pitch Abortion Rights on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

As tens of thousands of pro-life activists descend on Washington D.C. on the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade for the annual March for Life, the abortion industry is fighting back with a series of videos performed by seven actresses about women in various circumstances who have had abortions.

Center for Reproductive Rights/YouTube

Gay Sexual Favors, Misconduct, Abuse Run Rampant in Theatre Industry

A recent New York Times report reveals the dirty underworld of the theatre industry, which, despite all its glory, behind the curtain could be described as nothing more than a cesspool of unheralded sexual advances, personal misconduct, and malfeasance at the hands of a faction of homosexual managers, who often prey on young gay men.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images/AFP