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Thomas Mair Guilty of Murdering MP Jo Cox

Thomas Mair has been found guilty of murdering Labour MP Jo Cox in June this year. Mair repeatedly shot and stabbed the MP in the week leading up to the EU referendum after she got out of her car in the small market town of Birstall in her Batley and Spen constituency.

Thomas Mair

Brexit Boom: Pound Up On Euro And Dollar Two Months After Vote

LONDON, Sept 6 (Reuters) – Sterling rose to trade near a 7-week high against the dollar on Tuesday, amid expectations that Britain had probably dodged a recession in coming months with the economy showing signs of resilience in the aftermath of the shock Brexit vote.

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LISTEN: Remain Activist Says Bob Geldof Has DAMAGED Campaign

A Labour party activist aboard Bob Geldof’s anti-Brexit boat yesterday has slammed the “billionaire being condescending to fishermen” who used “his money in order to drown out” “working class people”. She said the “condescending” musician had “harmed” the Ramin campaign.


British Florist Sees Rosy Future In Brexit

(AFP) – For Briton Damian Duffy, who has run flower shops for 20 years, a Brexit would feel like a “huge party”. This despite British Prime Minister David Cameron, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a host of multinationals all

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Hidden Plans For EU Army Command Centre Leaked Ahead Of Brexit Vote

Plans for a European Union (EU) army, including a centralised headquarters and “permanent structured defence co-operation,” have been leaked despite the EU attempting to hide the plot until the day after the Brexit vote. The European Commission had been keeping

EU Army

China Wants More European Union Integration Ahead Of Brexit Vote

BEIJING (Reuters) – Britain must decide for itself whether it stays in the European Union, but China hopes to see a strong Europe that contributes to the global economy, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday ahead of Britain’s

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Britain’s Mothers Are Backing Brexit

The nations’ mothers are backing Brexit to secure a better future for their children, according to a new poll by parenting site Netmums. An online survey of 2,016 Netmums users found that 47 percent were planning to vote to leave the

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