George Miller

Does 'Alpha House's Garry Trudeau Know Any GOP Pols?

There’s an old axiom that one should write about what one knows. By that logic, Alpha House, the Amazon Studios production that premiered late last year and returns for a second season in late October, should be about four Democrats

Does 'Alpha House's Garry Trudeau Know Any GOP Pols?

Stocks Face Uncertain Future in Fiscal Cliff Battle

With 21 days to go before America zooms over the “fiscal cliff,” erasing the Bush tax cuts and slashing military spending, the one glowing question mark remains how the stock market will react. “The truth is that we don’t know

Stocks Face Uncertain Future in Fiscal Cliff Battle

'Happy Feet Two' Review: Not Nearly as Giddy as the Original

Director George Miller’s “Happy Feet Two” is neither happy nor as hip as his original Oscar-winning predecessor. Without the strong presence of a few add-on side characters, “Two” would have been one slippery mess. [youtube twYq5QkNPKw nolink] —– “Two” welcomes

Top 10 Great Movie Opening Sequences

The critical moments of a movie are the first moments, the first few minutes where it either grabs you or loses you for good. That’s what we mean when we talk about the movie experience, the wonder and delight of

Arms Control: Senator Kyl Goes on the Offense

On the eve of an important hearing in the Senate Armed Services Committee on President Obama’s nuclear weapons policies and programs and the New START Treaty, Senator Jon Kyl has reasserted his leadership role on such issues. The last time

Dem Leader: 'I Don't Know Whether or Not ACORN Can Survive.'

Rep. George Miller (D-CA) is Chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee. Noone would ever mistake him for a member of the Blue Dog Caucus–the organization of relatively ‘moderate’ democrats in Congress. Not to put to fine a point