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‘Death to Al-Saud!’: Anti-Saudi Hajj Protest Floods Streets of Iran

The government of Iran has assembled thousands in the capital, Tehran, to protest Saudi Arabia over a stampede that killed thousands at last year’s hajj pilgrimage. While Iranian media claim the protests were against the Sunni leaders of Riyadh and Bahrain,

An Iranian man participates in an anti-Saudi demonstration in the capital Tehran on September 9, 2016. With Iranians barred from the annual hajj pilgrimage, thousands protested in Tehran and officials criticised Saudi Arabia's refusal to discuss last year's deadly stampede. The writing on the poster in the background reads in …

Islam Needs No Reformation: Grand Mufti Slaps Down Ex-Aussie PM Abbott

Islam condemns “all forms of violence” along with the claims made by terrorist group Islamic State so is therefore in no need of a reformation, according to the Spiritual Mufti of Australians, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed (pictured above, left). “Islam is not in

Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed