John Russell Houser

Amy Schumer Ignores Facts to Push Gun Control at Critics’ Choice Awards

While accepting an award at the Critics’ Choice Awards, actress Amy Schumer ignored the fact that alleged Lafayette theater gunman John Russell Houser passed a background check for his firearm, and instead described him as “a mentally ill person [who] got their hands on a gun.”

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Americans Responded to Summer of Unrest with Record Gun Purchases

As the widely-televised Baltimore riots gave way to a summer rife with more civil unrest, calls for widespread violence, and targeted attacks on police officers, Americans flooded into gun stores at such a high pace that they set records for the number of background checks conducted in May, June, July, and August.

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Here’s How Many Lives Were Taken in Just 8 Armed Attacks in Gun Free Zones

Calls for more gun control almost always follow a public crime or terror attack in which the attacker–or attackers–use a gun. Yet many of the most infamous attacks take place in gun free zones–places where law-abiding citizens disarm themselves to comply with the rules while criminals take advantage of disarmed masses and open fire.

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher

Seattle Times Pushes Ban On Private Gun Sales In Wake Of Lafayette Attack

On July 27 The Seattle Times ran a column highlighting so-called flaws and loopholes in the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system for gun purchases and suggested the system will not work correctly as long gun sales by a “private party” are allowed.

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Obama: Guns a Greater Threat Than Terrorism

When Obama spoke to BBC last week he stressed his frustration over not being able to secure more gun control and suggested that the guns outweigh terrorism as a threat to Americans’ safety.

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