Comedian Amy Schumer Joins Cousin Sen. Chuck Schumer for Gun Control Push


On August 3 comedian Amy Schumer joined her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for a gun control push in the wake of John Russell Houser’s alleged attack at Grand Theatre in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The two Schumers scheduled a press conference to announce their gun control proposals.

According to Politico, the two Schumers are pushing legislation “meant to prevent violent criminals, abusers and those with mental illnesses from obtaining guns.” There are already laws pertaining to these things on the books, but as Breitbart News previously reported, a judge has yet to admit to ordering Houser to be involuntarily committed to a mental hospital. Without such an order, there was no reason for him to fail a background check on mental health-related issues.

The Schumer’s August 3 gun control announcement comes one day after Breitbart News reported that Amy responded to a letter calling for more gun control by tweeting, “Don’t worry I’m on it.”

The letter–posted by–was sent by Sarah Clements. In it, Clements listed reasons for more gun control that included George Zimmerman’s shooting of Trayvon Martin in self-defense, the Aurora theater shooting, which took place in a gun free zone, the 2012 Clackamus Mall attack by a gunman who was stopped in his tracks by a concealed carry permit holder–Clements did not mention the actions of the concealed carry permit holder–and the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, which also took place in a gun free zone.

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