Amy Schumer Wonders Why Gunman Picked Her Movie in Gun Control ‘Crusade’ Presser


During an October 25 presser, actress Amy Schumer said she has no idea why alleged Lafayette theater gunman John Russell Houser chose to murder two people during her movie Trainwreck.

The presser was held at New York’s City Hall, where the actress was joined by her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

According to the Associated Press, Schumer said, “On Thursday, July 23rd, a man sat down for my movie, Trainwreck. I don’t know why he picked my movie.” She added, “It is something I live with every day.”

Standing beside the actress, Senator Schumer said, “Live from New York: We’re aiming for change.” That was the Senator’s way of announcing that he and Amy Schumer are promoting a new hashtag–#AimingForChange–to promote their gun control campaign, titled “Crusade on Guns.” They hope to cause a social media movement that will convince Congress to pass legislation that will stop gun sales “without background checks at gun shows and online; fill gaps in the background check system itself; and stop arms trafficking of weapons across state lines.”

It is interesting to note that the legislation being pushed by the Schumer cousins would not have done anything to stop John Russell Houser from acquiring his gun. This is because he did not get his gun at a gun show, there are no “gaps in the background check system,” and arms trafficking had absolutely nothing to do with the Lafayette shooting.

Houser acquired his gun by passing a background check at a pawnshop in Alabama in 2014.

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