Trainwreck’s Amy Schumer: Gun Industry Making Too Much Money To Allow Gun Control


On August 8, Trainwreck’s Amy Schumer said the difficulty of pushing more gun control through Congress ultimately comes down to how much money the gun industry has to oppose it.

Schumer was at the Locarno Film Festival when she made the comments.

She said she decided to take up the fight for gun control after the July 23 Lafayette theater attack in which John Russell Houser allegedly shot and killed two people and wounded nine others during a showing of Trainwreck.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she told Locarno festival attendees, “I just felt the need to get involved because of how personal that event felt and how upset it made me feel.” She said, “You know it’s really not my area of expertise but it really upset me.” And she said it is “frustrating” that Congress has not and will not pass more gun control.

But Schumer said the gridlock on gun control will continue because of all the “money” involved. And Inquisitr reports that she specifically cited the profitability of the gun industry as the main hindrance.

Schumer did not mention that the July 23 shooting took place in a theater with a total gun ban–100 percent gun control–nor did she mention that Houser passed a background check to get his gun. Both of these points illustrate the impotency of gun control, not the need for more of it.

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