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California Officially Bans Orca Captivity and Breeding

California Governor Jerry Brown signed an anti-Orca breeding and captivity bill into law on Tuesday. Democrats had been pushing for the law since at least 2013, and its passage follows within a year of Sea World San Diego succumbing to pressure from left-wing animal rights activists by agreeing to end future orca shows.

TIlikum Orca (Gerardo Mora / Getty)

Victory Lap: CNN Airs ‘Blackfish’ After SeaWorld Sinks Orca Shows

CNN re-aired the 2013 documentary Blackfish on Saturday night — just two days after SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby announced that the theme park will surrender to the environmentalists that have aggressively attacked SeaWorld’s orca captivity program, and end both orca shows and captive breeding.

TIlikum Orca (Gerardo Mora / Getty)

CA Coastal Commission Killing SeaWorld San Diego

California’s Coastal Commission bowed to left-wing animal rights activists with approval of an amendment stripping SeaWorld of the ability to breed killer whales as a condition of building a massive new $100 million habitat expansion for the orcas living there now.

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